How To Successfully Clean Your Memory Foam Mattress

Sleeping on a memory foam mattress is quite pleasurable, but to keep that pleasurable feeling as long as you can, remember that you should take a proper care of the mattress.  One thing to bear in mind is to never let yourself clean a memory foam mattress the same way you clean any other mattress. When an accident happens do not rush and use a conventional way to remove the stain, instead, learn how to successfully clean your memory foam mattress.

Before we go on and explain the best way to clean a memory foam mattress, we wanted to make sure that you remember two important factors:

  1. Delicate structure: memory foam is made up of small, spongy foam cells that are likely to hold any of the traditional stain removers or scrubbing agents for a sustained period of time, which leads to breakdown and deterioration of the memory foam materials.
  2. Do not use liquids: because of its delicate structure, it is highly advised that you stay away from too much liquid when cleaning the memory foam mattress.

Vacuuming the memory foam mattress

One of the easiest ways to successfully clean your memory foam mattress is to regularly vacuum it with a handheld vacuum. This way you will stay away from dust, pet hair and other debris.

When you vacuum your mattress start from the surface, bottom and finish with the sides (never forget to do the sides too). Also, you can always take off the mattress cover (if you have one) and vacuum the mattress once again.

Baking soda

Another great way of keeping your mattress clean and fresh is using baking soda. One of the most effective ways to clean your mattress is to sprinkle a small amount of baking soda and let it sit for a little while (preferably an hour or so). After the hour has passed, it is time to vacuum all the baking soda off of your mattress. Remember not to squeeze or wring the memory foam since there is a chance to damage it.

The baking powder will absorb any odor, body sweat or oils extracted from your body or otherwise.

Removing stains

Removing stains from a memory foam mattress is quite easy. Using commercial products with harsh chemicals is not the right way to do it. Instead, dampen a washcloth with a small amount of dishwashing liquid mixed with water. With a circular motion clean the stain gently and carefully. Be sure to use small amounts of the dishwashing liquid mixed with water.

As for the drying part, take the mattress air out or in a well ventilated room until it’s dry and ready to use. If you want to do this in your room, take and an electric hair dryer, set it on its lowest adjustment and point the heat toward the moist spot on the mattress. Keep in mind that you should slowly move it from right to left with a certain safe distance of the mattress.

Note: make sure to evenly dry the mattress from the both sides

As you can see cleaning your memory foam mattress is not a rocket science, but it does require some precautions. Hope you are happy with our methods on how to successfully clean your memory foam mattress.

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